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TINY HOUSES - A logical succession to mobile homes?

With this idea in our mind we diped into design process, where we tried to combine modern, minimalist, cozy and industrial together into one simple holiday living solution. Soon a family of new products was born! The Mini Lodges are simply yet luxury designed suites. Its the perfectly designed combination of glamping and traditional holiday lodge, with its robust but still elegant appearance. Its a suite that makes you wish your holiday never ends!

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Our process

Our team of open minded designers helps you choose a best possible solution for you. To optimize manufacturing process and maximize sustainability, pre-designed models were created, based on which we can create a final look of your new favorite holiday escape. Once a model is defined and approved by you, we can send it to the production line where well orchestrated team is going to build it. At this phase you do not have to worry for any aspect of your order, because your work is done. The only thing left is to relax and wait for us to inform you that your order is finished.

About The Cube

CUBE is a special glamping solution with a dark, robust and industrial exterior design. Its interior is a completely different story, with open bright surfaces, large windows, natural wooden walls that surround a well-designed living room with centered fireplace that gives a warm and cozy feeling to the space.

A bedroom with a bed that is located just below large panoramic windows provides is a real treasure in the middle of idilic forest nature where the boundaries between the interior and the outside world are blended.


The interior of The Cube model is the exact opposite of its industrial robust exterior, which is felt in the experience of the space as a contrast between the external cold touch, which blends easily with the Nordic forests, and the internal warmth of living.

The cube shape gives us the possibility of creating a large open space on a small surface area, which with careful selection of materials and design of interior furniture creates a unique space, closely connected with the external elements of the nature in which it is placed.


The robust industrial exterior in black design, which at first impression resembles a shipping container, gives the object the feeling that it does not want to stand out in the middle of nature, where it is placed, but blends pleasantly and subtly with the surroundings, both architecturally and residentially.

Through the main entrance glass wall, its warm and homely interior is fluidly connected to the minimalist exterior, where on a small terrace in the middle of a forest idyll, we find a place for a lounge chair and a small fireplace, just enough for quiet evenings under the stars reserved just for you and the person who means the most to you in your life.

About The Lodge

The Lodge is the exact opposite of the The Cube. A wooden cottage design gives this glamping an impression of a true forest house with additional modern touch. The combined living-sleeping area, is a place whare you wake up to a morning view directly through large windows overlooking the idilic nature.

A small but carefully designed kitchen gives just enough space to cook your favorite getaway meal together with your love ones and enjo it around a hanging fireplace that definitely gives the specail figure and cozines to a space. Surely the house gives a special warm impression that makes you feel like you never want to leave this forest fairy tale.


When we were creating the interior of this wonderful space intended for rest, we thought in connection with nature, especially with wood and its contribution to the quality of living.

The interior thus represents a mixture of modern architecture and classic wooden construction, which gives the room the necessary feeling of warmth and homeliness Together with modern furniture integrated into the partially open space concept of a small but spacious interior, and designer elements, this space

comes to life as an ideal regeneration bubble in a world full of chaos and speed.


The exterior of the house combines wood, metal and glass, three elements that in common harmony achieve the key features of modern architecture and in our case, with an emphasis on wood, give the building an additional subtle insertion in its intended environment, a pristine forest idyll.

The attractive interior merges with the exterior through the large glass entrance wall, where it continues into the wooden terrace, on which a minimalist space has been created for resting under the cool canopy of tall trees or for setting up a romantic classic wooden bathtub.

Our Vision

The development of Mini Lodge products was inspired by our vision of returning to nature, finding a quality moment of peace in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and spending quality time for regeneration in the embrace of a green idyll without distractions from the surroundings and without a phone.

Here we are talking about real disconnection in a room that is not excessively large, but is just enough for what we need if we want to calm down and look into ourselves in silence and listen to that real personal inner feeling of skirts and overheard by the increasingly fast and stressful way of everyday life. We wanted to create a bubble where for a moment you can focus only on yourself and

your loved one, and restore balance within your overworked body.

Technology and materials

The Mini Lodge products are basically 100 percent made of wood, which is marked with FSC and PEFC certificates, which gives the construction of the building a negative carbon footprint. The primary structure of the houses is thus made of glued wooden beams, which in the foundations form a rigid mesh support structure of the building. This structure serves as the basis for the further assembly of highly insulated prefabricated wooden frame wall elements. When insulating all the key building blocks of the house, we use exclusively natural materials, namely mineral stone wool (Knauf Insulation NaturBoard Venti) or natural mineral glass wool (Ursa GlassWool), with zero presence of chemical compounds harmful to health. Compared to insulations such as EPS, the production of this insulation has a drastically smaller or no impact on the environment.

With the construction of tourist units becoming more extensive and more numerous, we believe that with the right approach and appropriate green technology, we can take a big step in the direction of protecting the environment in this area, which at the same time can also be a marketing added value in attracting guests, namely those who who are environmentally aware or those who may find such an approach interesting and the right path.

For more information about our products visit our website or contact us, we would love to chat with you!

The Mini Lodge

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