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Custom made - Wooden interior mobile home

Since, in addition to our classic production of standard house models, we also specialize in the production of "custom made" products, we are happy to listen to the wishes of the customer and in the frameworks allowed by certain standards of our production, produce personalized mobile houses.

One of the last such projects is the wooden mobile home Q40 Wood edition, which we made according to the wishes of our customer.

The client wanted a house which would be used to live permanently. This represented an even greater responsability for us to create high-quality and higly finished living space, thant would practically be a new home for them. The starting point of our design process was wood, both from the point of view of interior decor, as well as from the point of view of the actual material itself.

For the interior, we chose high-quality and environmentally friendly wooden paneling made of TILLY thee layer soft spruce wood which we painted in a white semi-transparent final version, at the customer's request finished with a water-based varnish. Due to the fact that wood is a live material and such panels are subject to temperature fluctuations and differences in humidity, we cut all panels into smaller segments and machined the edges for a complete and hidden covering of two individual elements leaving a space for wood to breathe. The process was elaborate, but thanks to the precision and attention to detail, the interior of the house is truly perfect. The finished product thus gives the impression of homeliness and warmth, while at the same time the details clearly demonstrate the perfect machining, expresses quality and confidence in the product.


In our opinion, the bathroom is the place where we truly wake up for the first time in the morning, do our personal morning routine and start a new day, so it should be pleasant, warm and, above all, spacious. And that's exactly what the bathroom of the Q40 Wood edition house is like, which extends to as much as 6 m2 of interior space.

Due to the constant presence of moisture and water, we proposed to the customer VOX KERADECO composite waterproof wall coverings for the entire bathroom, which, in addition to this primary technical feature, are also extremely light, durable, solid and, after all, give the impression of real ceramic wall coverings. We chose a decor that somehow complements the other shades of the interior of the house and at the same time gives the feeling of natural stone. Ceramic tiles are of course the first choice for the construction of classic bathrooms, but in our opinion, they are completely unsuitable for mobile facilities. Ceramic tiles are heavier than composite, and at the same time the tiles, or the joints between them, can be damaged during transport due to vibrations. In such damaged places, there can only be micro cracks in the adhesive or grout, through which water and moisture slowly seep into the wooden structure of the house.

We combined KERADECO composite paneling on the entire part of the wall behind the bathroom equipment and furniture with wooden paneling for saunas and bathrooms from the renowned manufacturer RESOPAL. This entire wall element, with its internally reinforced construction, is also the basis for the installation of a bathroom cabinet with a sink and fittings and, in the case of the house in question, a wall-hung WC with a built-in kettle and a wall-mounted bidet.


At the client's request, the house has a simple interior layout, in which we divided the floor plan into 3 rooms, i.e. a bathroom, a large living room with a kitchen and dining room, and a spacious bedroom. All rooms except the bathroom and kitchen were ordered unfurnished.


The kitchen was made according to the wishes and drawings of the customer, who, in addition to the design, also chose the materials.

The main feature of the entire kitchen element is the built-in appliances, i.e. refrigerator with freezer, oven and microwave oven. The client also wanted a window above the kitchen counter, which will serve as an additional source of daylight and ventilation, as the client explicitly did not want a kitchen hood, which is usually standard equipment in our mobile homes.


At the end of the mobile home, there is a spacious unfurnished bedroom with an exit to the outside terrace, where the customer will furnish the interior according to their own wishes, so that it will be the most functional for them. The bedroom, like the entire house, is finished with TILLY three layer sporuce soft wood.

The interior doors of the mobile home are sliding. Due to the desire for a perfect technical and designer fit, they are manufactured in our production facility (except for the door leaf and guide).


Due to its location and the explicit wishes of the customer, the mobile home has a very complex heating method. The basic heating of the house is a low-voltage 48V MySun floor heating, which is divided into 3 independent closed systems throughout the floor plan, which can be controlled with thermostats for each individual room separately. Due to the low-voltage design, which is necessary for soft vinyl flooring and for fire safety, we installed the transformers in a fire-proof cabinet under the chassis of the house itself, where they can be air-cooled at the same time, and we computer-limited them to the upper temperature limit at which in the event of an error, the floor heating stops for safety reasons.

In addition to underfloor heating, the house also has MySun IR heating via 5 panels installed in 3 groups (2x bedroom, 2x living room and 1x bathroom). This heating source is also controlled separately by individual thermostats in each of the mentioned rooms, through which we can combine the power of floor and ceiling heating for each part of the house.

Electrical wiring

As a result of all the systems, the house has a very complex distribution of electrical wiring, which is carried out for us by a recognized local contractor, to whom we have entrusted the implementation of over 150 such and also more complex units, which are installed in as many as 3 European countries.

Photo of the transformation cabinet for underfloor heating and photo of the electrical cabinet of the mobile home.

For more information about our products, projects and construction technology in general, visit our website or contact us at one of the contacts listed below. We are looking forward to speaking with you.

GA Mobil

+386 59025013

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